Our standard of practice is governed by prevailing guidelines and under girded by the values of independence, objectivity, honesty, diligence, and professionalism.

We understand your business objectives and will help you meet your business challenges with our seamless service.


Our audit services include:

External Audit

We provide assurance services to entities seeking an independent opinion on its financial statements, mandated by law or otherwise.

With our vast experience, we are in a position to advise you on compliance matters, internal controls, business processes and procedures.


Internal Audit

We provide assurance services on your control systems and can assist you on the design of new controls or improvements to your control systems.

Being independent, we are in a position to deliver objective opinion on your control systems.


Due diligence for mergers and acquisitions

Whether it is an acquisition, merger, floatation or fund-raising exercise, we are able to carry out all procedures necessary to assist you to arrive at an informed decision.


Other statutory audits

Auditing techniques are equally important to a wide range of non-corporate entities such as partnerships, clubs, associations, charities and management corporations.

Ong Wei Hock


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